Put Down the Heavy Bags of Salt and Go Green with the No Salt Clarius

Are you tired of the negative effects of hard water? Need a solution, but don’t want to harm the environment? Say hello to the no salt Clarius™ water conditioner from Puronics: a water treatment option that’s eco-friendly and effective. It gets comparable results to water softeners without requiring harmful salt to function.

How Does the No-Salt Clarius™ Treat My Water?

The no salt Clarius™ uses a filter media tank that utilizes the advanced HYgene® Bacteriostat technology to condition your water. It works to remove suspended solids associated with hard water, while still keeping such healthy minerals as calcium and magnesium present.

By not using potassium, salt or chemicals in the conditioning process, the no salt Clarius™ is the best and most eco-friendly water conditioner available. Don’t settle for second best. As the local Sacramento Ionics / Puronics distributor, we here at NorCal Water want to make help you experience the benefits of the no salt Clarius™ water conditioner.

Why Should I Be Concerned about Hard Water?

You’ve probably read online and heard from neighbors that hard water can cause a great deal of frustration. Hard water is an issue that needs to be addresses, as it can lead to the following problems:

  • It is rough on water-using appliances, and can cause hot water pipes to clog
  • It leaves streaks and unwelcome spots on your glasses and dishes
  • It costs you money by wasting soap and detergents
  • It causes discomfort by drying up your skin and hair

Not sure if you have hard water? Give us a call at 916-673-7873 and we’ll perform a free water test for you.

What Makes Traditional Water Softeners Environmentally Harmful?

Knowing that hard water can cause discomfort, waste, and unnecessary stress on expensive appliances, it is easy to see why so many people have opted for water softeners. As previously mentioned, though, water softeners can cause a tremendous amount of harm to the environment.

Wastewater that contains higher amounts of salt from water softeners causes such problems as:

  • It is more difficult to reuse for irrigation purposes
  • It leads to higher wastewater treatment costs that are not affordable to many municipalities
  • It can harm aquatic life in rivers and lakes
  • It can damage crops and reduce yields by causing leaf tissue to dry or burn

As we become more eco-friendly, it is becoming increasingly clear that salt-free water conditioners are a far better option for treating water in your home. Puronics offers the only EPA registered bacteriostatic water conditioner, making the no salt Clarius™ the most logical choice for at-home water treatment.

Where Can I Get a No Salt Clarius™ Water Conditioner?

If you’re dealing with hard water, or simply want to go green and get rid of your water softener, we here at NorCal Water are ready to help you with your water treatment needs. We are the exclusive Ionics / Puronics dealer in Sacramento. If you want to get set up with a no salt Clarius™ water conditioner, give us a call today.