About Us

Ionics Incorporated was founded in 1947 with the far reaching vision that the supply of fresh water on our planet would be a critical factor for the survival and growth of our civilization. For over 50 years, Ionics has been a leader in delivering water purification solutions for its customers throughout the world. Ionics has consistently been on the forefront of technology development. IONICS assisted NASA in developing the silver ion technology that is currently used to purify water on the space shuttle and is available to consumers through the IONICS water conditioner product line.

IONICS Consumer Water Group has become PURONICS, the next generation of IONICS. Providing water solutions in 62 countries, for millions of consumers, we have a product for your water needs!

Today PURONICS markets THE ONLY Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered bacteriostatic water conditioner, in other words the companies water conditioners with silver carbon have been found to be an effective bacterial growth inhibitor. Certified and tested by the EPA. This separates us from other water systems today.

PURONICS Inc. water-conditioning systems come with superior and often exclusive features unavailable from other companies, including EPA registration for Bacteriostatic NASA technology, anti-microbial media, whole house chemical removal, solid stainless steel treatment tank, solid lead-free brass valve, and superior manufacturer’s warranties on the major components. The systems are tested, certified and validated by the WQA and NSF. Ionics, Inc. has millions of satisfied customers worldwide since 1947! Ionics, Inc. is the premier water purification company serving a wide range of applications from residential customers to large municipal water treatment facilities and large-scale desalination plants providing millions of gallons of drinking
water every day.

NorCal Water is a full service water filtration dealer. We are proud to be your local IONICS / PURONICS distributor. We also specialize in custom well filtration needs for our friends who have challenging well water. If you have problem water, we have the answer!!